Cape Diving International is a professional commercial diving company that provides a full range of ship husbandry services to vessel owners and ship management companies. 

Strategically located in the Port of Fujairah, we currently provide diving services for vessels at the deep water anchorages

of Fujairah and Khorfakkan, United Arab Emirates



Our divers are equipped with HD underwater CCTV cameras and lights to allow the diving supervisor to ensure standards are maintained and as part of our quality assurance system.


Our hull cleaning equipment is designed to be reliable, safe to operate,  and cover large areas within a relatively short time. It effectively removes marine fouling without damage to the vessel’s underwater paint system. 



Our team of commercial divers also covers a diverse range of underwater specialties.

Our range of underwater services include:

  • Photographic Inspections
  •  CCTV/Video Inspections
  • Hull coating & damage assessment inspections
  • Underwater hull cleaning
  • Propeller super polishing
  • Blanking of sea chests & overboard discharges
  • Installation of cofferdams
  • Replacement of transducers & speed logs
  • Replacement of ICCP Cathodic protection & sacrificial anodes  
  • Underwater cutting & wet welding
  • Anchor assist heave-up operations
  • Salvage & anchor search and recovery operations